Tool BagsHow to care for your leather tool bag

29/07/2019by Viki Wood

Leather is designed to last decades with proper care, so here’s how you can help your tool bag last. While leather is tough as nails, it can still dry, crack, stain, warp, etc. We want you to know how to care for your leather tool bag!

When you get down to it, leather is a durable material, inside and out. Empty the tool bag out and ensure all dust and debris has fallen out.

Next, take a dry rag and wipe down the entire thing, inside and out. Half of the battle is removing the dust. Some customers have said they’ve used a hairdryer on the cold blow! Now it’s time to get down to cleaning.

Take a clean rag and add a bit of water but nothing else. No soap, just water. Leather is naturally water resistant, so you’ll be able to wipe this clean with little to no problems.

Hang the tool bag up to dry before continuing. Even if you dry it out with a few paper towels or something, it should still have six hours to air dry in a well ventilated area.

Apply sealant or leather protector and wait the recommended 24 – 48 hour average for it to dry before loading it up again. You could even clean off your tools in the meantime, so you’re not immediately dirtying your bag.

Look, we know that the majority of our customers certainly don’t do this regularly – and their tool bags still last a bloody long time. So even if you only get around to doing this once or twice, it’ll keep your bag looking and feeling in top shape and might add on a couple of extra years of keeping up with the tough jobs!

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