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All Trade Time Tool Bags Dog Accessories (Collars and Leads) are made from full grain, 1st Grade vegetable tanned leather because it is durable and long lasting.

Trade Time Dog Collars come complete with a heavy duty buckle and a welded Dee. As a result, our dog collars are strong and sturdy and will last your pet a long time. They are available in a Standard Size (from buckle to first hole is 31cm and to last hole is 47cm, 7 holes total). Because all dogs are different, custom sizes can also be ordered.

Trade Time Dog Leads come complete with a heavy duty swivel snap hook. Our standard design has a looped handle. Our Dog Leads are available in various sizes, designs and lengths.

All of our Dog Accessories has manufactured using full grain, vegetable tanned leather. It has an exceptional resistance to abrasion, punctures and tearing, which means leather is the perfect choice for our dog accessories. It is lightweight and comfortable in warm climates, soft and pliable in cold climates. This means your dog will be happy and content wearing our collars and leads all year round, in any climate.

All of our Dog Collars and Leads are stitched using a nylon bonded, heavy duty, thread, resulting in a product that is strong, hard wearing and professionally finished. To reinforce and strengthen wear points, we use nickel plated, tubular rivets in all our Dog Accessories.

The entire Trade Time Tool Bags range is designed and manufactured in South Australia. The majority of our materials and secondary components are supplied by Australian and New Zealand companies, as we try to support local businesses when possible.

Features / Materials:
  • Full grain, vegetable tanned leather used because it is strong and durable
  • Heavy duty buckles and welded dees
  • Heavy duty swivel snap hooks
  • Nylon bonded, heavy duty threads
  • Nickel plated, tubular rivets
  • Custom sizes and lengths available
  • Custom design such as stamping, studs and stitching available

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